Bugle – Happy Lyrics

I’ve got life
And I got a roof over my head
So I give thanks
It’s not a king size but mi still have a bed
So am so happy
People can you feel the vibes
Am so happy
Give thanks everyday mi rise

(Verse 1)
Wi haffi give thanks regardless
Cause a nuh everyone fortunate
Now a days to how things hard fi get
You have assets and nuh reach 40 yet
Life mean everything, money a nuh all
Me still stand tall though my money small
Mi nuh haffi rich like Bill gates
Cause happiness is not just about financial

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh drink rum, but mi still a have fun
Plus Mr G champagne a buss like gun
Dem yah happiness yah weh money cyaa buy
Cause mi happy like a boot end Bradly mi son
Cable nuh cut off, mi still have light
Plus fresh water a run in a mi pipe
Naw complain, no mi cyaa complain
Cause Jah, Jah, know seh mi nice

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Work hard everyday
Now mi a tek a day off
Calla-loo in a mi garden
A real breakfast
Me naw run down wealth
Mi a deal wid health
From negativity mi brake off
Give thanks to Jah, Jah, fi everything him gimmi
If a one pair a shoes mi a wear it a fimi
Know seh mi sane and mi naw feel no pain
Suh mi happy every time when yo si mi

(Repeat Chorus)

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