Yo Gotti – Rihanna Ft Young Thug Lyrics

I just got me a Rihanna
She love a ni**a persona
So used to whippin Madonna
Cooking up like Benihana
I give a check to my mama
Then I go flex in designer
I just got me a Rihanna
I just got me a Rihanna
What You Got

Hunnid bands for them bi**hes
Hunnid rounds for them ni**as
Riding foreign like a rental
Sky ain’t never been a limit
If she ain’t down when I come around
Young ni**a ain’t f**king with her
I just got me a Rihanna
So used to whipping Madonna

(Verse 1 – Yo Gotti)
So many watches they think I’m a jeweler
But I’m just obsessed with the time obsessed
When I go so hard like everyday like I’m broke
But I’m just in love with the grind I am
I started out with a eight, eight
I ended up with a nine
I seen my first hundred thousand
In fives tens and twenties
It f**ked up my mind whoa
I had to get me some money, money
All of my ni**as a hunnid, hunnid
This a sky dweller
It don’t have no stones
And this sh*t a half of a hunnid
I don’t got goons I got creatures, creatures
Ni**as so hungry they eat cha, eat cha
If the bi**h wanna hear that Yo Gotti
Dope boy s**t all in her speakers
And I want a brand new Bugatti Gatti
So I can pull up on Madonna Skkrr
And I got that Taylor Swift and that Kylie Jenner and that Hannah Montana
And I got that boy
They call it dog food
I’m tryna eat I want all food
And I got that Katy Perry and Madonna
Bi**h better have my money like Rihanna

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Yo Gotti)
Keep the keys like Alicia keys
Loud pack no reefer, reefer
Shots fired I decease ya bang, bang
Low number I’ll meet ya let’s get it
Get me a Rihanna
But I’m a piranha, piranha
I eat when I wanna, I wanna
Got rich on the corner…rich
I got that Al Green
I got Miley Cyrus
Got bricks of Madonna bricks
Twenty two for that thirty six
Cuz the two for my runners
Balenciagas I done em whoo
A mansion for mama
I ain’t got s**t for a bi**h
We only saving the money
We get the tens, the twenties, the fifties
We only saving the hunnids
Know what we do with the ones and fives
Yeah we hit Magic on Monday floor
I’m tryna knock up Rihanna
I’m tryna take her to mama, mama
I’m tryna run up a check I am
I’m tryna f**k up the summer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Yo Gotti)
I just got me a Rihanna
She like a ni**a persona
I f**k with her forever
She was there when I had nothing
She kept it loyal forever
She can be spoiled forever
We back to back in the ghost
She keep a real ni**a focused
I just got me a Rihanna
She like a ni**a persona
She like the fact that I’m thugging
And never turn down for nothing
She know I get to the money
She never trip off the money
She my lil soldier forever
She kept it loyal forever
I just got me a Rihanna