Alkaline – Living It Up Lyrics

Yow vendetta living it
Mi living it
Wi living it
Deh pon a top floor a look pon dem a look
Upper class set a pu**y dem wi a f**k
We and some Colombians ni**as a link up

When you look pon the roof the whole gang in yah to
A drink and a smoke and wi happy nuh f**k
Me and mi gun man friend dem wi living it up

(Verse 1)
Money full up in a mi pocket
Nuff up in a mi hand
Rich a twenty one
Billionaire a thirty one
So much bread a meck
This meck the fish slice mi nam
Da piece yah don’t even done yet
And mi a go fi another one
Deh pon top a climb pon it
Top a the topper floor I am
How the f**k mi reach suh quick
When some other man tek so long
In a New York mi buy a gyal phone number fi a grand
No have no time fi instagram
Ask mi bout some kilogram

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Now mi know me is the man weh have the whole game against mi
Bag a badmind pu**y hole weh wish dem could a friend mi
Mi chat anything mi want, mi have mi money fi defend mi
Nine bills fi the Lui V
Fifteen fi defend hi]
Check money till mi hand dem sore ask Benny
Buy a couple ice fi cool the damn swelling
Supn smell green, money green am smelling
Wi a pop tax off a white T’s
Oh G wrong spelling

(Repeat Chorus 2X)