Tyga – Pure Luxury Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Tyga)
Old f**king drama, call the karma kamikaze
Shots of alcohol the pain its relic in my chest, I feel demolished
Hold the liquor, make it silence, pray into me like the altar
Life is off the loss and coughing I’m just here to make my offer
Crystal sniffing, bi**hes tripping, luxury and gang members
Wanna be like Boyz N Hood, affiliated by my brothers
Worship higher powers, smokes inpolished, drinking from the chalice
So they say it’s his blood Jesus
I’m holy, horrors making eye contact
Surviving the thrones, stones at yo front door, bang it though
When a ni**a get dough, promise I pay you back mo
You always had my back and I thank you for that
Wanna call you late, but I’m busy filling plates
Kids gotta eat and mommas gon cry, that bread been straight, we shaking dank
Baby I’ma save you one day, from this hell hole and gunplay
Grew up with
Went east side where rain poured and souls cried, no sunshine
Tomorrow when tears dry, no one I’ll make it out alive
I just wanna make it God, can you hear me?
Fine, here been deaf, feeling blind, all I see is sacrifice overtime
Show no remorse when you die, until then
Wash my sins with time, make yo bed lay on the line
Looking at headlines, it’s all alive on who are you and I to decide, just tryna get by
And that’s pure like virgin blood mixed with 1-50-1-1 sip
Make a ni**a flip, I ain’t tripping off s**t
That happened yesterday, cause I just won the rest today of pure luxury

All my life I wanted luxury
A roof over to sleep
Family, that’s luxury
All I ever hung around was G’s
Breaking bread with the homies, that’s luxury
Something like virgin blood that’s pure and she screaming out Its yours
All I ever wanted was luxury
Now all I got is luxury, come f**k with me

(Verse 2)
20 bandana, cross my fingers when in danger
I protect you perfect stranger, put that body on a hanger
Her man’s in Herman, don’t need a f***ing filla
Hold my hand, your halo’s fading, pesos and Pinot Grigio
Bless the newborns, my comrades they die for me
It’s not the game, you just a casualty
War ruins who after me
Surviving, could have been a tragedy
Ninth grade, in a driver seat
Skipping class, no time to speak
Truth be told this honesty
Poker face and poke her highness next to me
I’m soaking royal altercation-ally
Not complacent, want the cake and cream
Settle in, you just another loyal
I don’t smoke that reggie seed, high at the presidential suite
And I ain’t at the legion seat ni**a, overseas
With Sheikhs that’s royalty ni**a
You can bet that, my tux black
My bi**h black and I’m backing out
That ghost black, black MX
Ain’t gotta say s**t, on the favor

(Repeat Chorus)