Reggae Band Third World Drop New Single “YimMasGan”

Third World’s first major song of the year, YimMasGan was released on Tuesday, June 16 on the Ghetto Youths International Label.

The single produced by Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley is a fresh take on the 1974 original track by the Abyssinians. ‘Yim Mas Gan’ means let him be praised in the ancient Ethiopian Amharic language. This single joins Satta Massagana as songs covered by Third World, originally done by the Abyssinians.

Celebrating over 40 years in music, Third World treated the media and friends to a preview of the music video for YimMasGan at a viewing party on Thursday, June 11 at Chris Gayle’s Triple Century Sports Bar. The preview party was hosted by Cindy Breakspeare and was supported by Ghetto Youths International artistes, Wayne Marshall and Black-Am-I as well as Tony Rebel, Kelissa and more.

Founding member of Third World, Cat Coore states, “This song is almost as if we have come full circle. When we recorded Satta Massagana, it was one of the very first recordings we did. In fact, it was the lead song on our first self-titled album. This song is giving praise and thanks to the most high Jah Rastafari for his presence, ever-guiding hand and inspirational vibration that we all feel within the Rasta community. Recording this song with Jr. Gong makes it even more special to us. With Damian’s production skills mixed with his musicians that helped create the song, we feel it is one of the best covers not just done by Third World, but ever done by anyone.”

Damian Marley holds the band in high esteem and was pleased to be able to work with Third World Band. “I’m honored to be working with some of my musical heroes. Third world has played a great roll in my development as an artiste and I am proud to be a part of their latest project,” Damian said.