Mavado – My Love Lyrics

Shi seh my love haffi be
The first time when mi f**k her in a the ackee tree
Shi wish wi could a reverse time
Who give you the bestest f**k in a the worst time?

(Verse 1)
baby, when he’s not around who you call?
If walls could talk, these walls knows it all

Who meck you feel good in a the worst time
Tell mi
Who meck you feel like a likkle virgin and a nuh the first time
You tell mi nothing can stop mi from f**king you
All of a sudden hear another ni**a touching you
Mi love bend you up like a W
Why you give the pu**y to the
Anyweh you deh in a the world mi a go fi you
You know seh da pu**y deh a nuh fi you
Da gyal yah lie, lie, dry eye, Pinocchio
Mi still a draw gear up in yo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dressed up, is a grammy day this
Best f**k, nominate this
No, no, mi nuh dominate it
My f**k style a the greatest
Mi nuh cartoon, a nuh animated
Man a OG from in a the 80’s
Cherish mi time yeah shi haffi save it
Man a number one suh mi a the favorite

(Repeat Chorus)