Munga & Rhyming King – We A Reach Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Anywhere wi go place haffi nice
Pure liquor a yo choice
No matter wa the price
More bucket full a ice
Tell every rece, every color, every size
Roll with the slacka dice
Wooy this a paradise

Girls dem a scream and a meck a bag a noise
Wooy deh gimmi the vybz
Don’t meck mi tell yo twice
Gyal a bwal fi zoom and notnice
Follow Rhyming advice

Link every gyal inna the scheme
Tell dem fi fresh and come out clean
Dreams weekend wi a reach yeh
Negril pon the beach yea

Call every gyal out a the scheme
Tell dem fi fresh and come out clean
SBF wi a reach yeh
Ochi pon the beach yea

(Verse 2)
So anywhere mi crew pass through we slap weh the place and done
Bare empty bucked and crate pon ground
Refill the bar and come
Gyal a get wild the party cyaa done
Buss ride, boat ride, pool party, house party
Inside, outside, shi bring a whole army
Left side, right side, woman a surround mi
Big woman weh hold army a massage mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Promoter cyaa lose cause da party yah pack
As mi reach a the bar every liquor mi a slap
Hennessy, Apple Vodka and Champagne fi pop
Give mi a bottle a Appleton fi mix wid the serock
The cush inna mi brain just a beat an a knock
Yo might si mi stagga but mi still naw drop
Caw the gyal dem wake an no waan go sleep back
Every man grab a gyal cause a 3 me got

(Repeat Chorus)