Safaree Ex Sophia Body Says He Is Playing The Victim In Nicki Minaj Split

Safaree Samuels ex-girlfriend Sophia Body is famous for being an Instagram model with a large rear. But she is also famous for saying that the “Burner” rapper wrote all of Nicki Minaj raps.

But since she and Safaree split earlier this year, Sophia has been ousting him in every interview that she gets.

Speaking with Alyi V, the Instagram model says that she and Safaree met three years ago in New York but she is regretting every bit of it because he destroyed her good name in the entertainment industry.

She also said that Safaree is always playing the victim.

“He always tries to play the victim,” stated Sophia. “He’s trying to play the victim and play off his entire career now on how bad Nicki hurt him or how bad she’s treated him. I kind of believed it in the beginning, but now he’s trying to play victim off of what he’s done to me.”

Maybe she is also trying to take a shot at the Jamaican-born rapper because she also said that she has a crush on Meek Mill.

Safaree is also getting some heat from Nicki Minaj fans who went in on him after releasing his new song “Love The Most.”