Kranium – Give A F**k Lyrics

A through the years you and nuff man did a f**k
Up to now you and some a dem still a f**k
Seh you care when you want me around
But when f**k a give away gyal yo naw call mi phone

If mi cyaa get a f**k, that mean mi naw give a f**k no way
Cause if you never did a itch wid the thing you wouldn’t broke no day

If mi cyaa get a f**k, that mean mi naw give a f**k no way
Because da friend zone thing deh a nuh me that
You a suffer caw yo tek man fi idiot

(Verse 1)
Think mi a go pay down fi you sign yo list
And mi cyaa come over yo place fi a piece
Buy a new bed and waan mi fi set it up
But a nuh me yo want fi come meck you wet it up
Da youth yah you cyaa hustle
All when him have things fi do a me yo waan trouble
Nuh bother call mi phone you alone gwaan struggle
You a selector and so much man you waan juggle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Better you gwaan bill
Think seh mi a come a yo place fi just chill
1-O-clock a morning you really feel seh a movie mi waan watch
Dem time deh supn fi get kill
After mi nuh name beloves and billford
A nuh in a yo dry wall mi waan fi drill hole
If cant be an interaction if me naw get no action
If is a transaction

(Repeat Chorus)