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Karrueche Tran Says Her Future Doesn’t Include Chris Brown And Royalty

Karrueche Tran future is looking bright these days but one thing she is sure of and that is it doesn’t include Chris Brown and his baby Royalty.

The model currently has a budding acting career and recently won a Daytime Emmy with the cast of TV series “The Bay.”

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She also has roles in TV series “Single Ladies” and “Vanity” as well as rumored role in 3 Headed Shark Attack.

Sources connected to Chris Brown on-again off-again girlfriend told Urban Islandz that she doesn’t want Chris Brown near any of her television or movie productions because she don’t want him to overshadow her career.

“Chris Brown is a way bigger celebrity than she is so it makes perfect sense that her people ensure that he stays clear of any film production that she is involved in,” our source told us.

“Karrueche has ill feelings towards him and only wish him the best, but she has to focus on her own career now and build her own legacy without him overshadowing her,” our source added.

Karrueche Tran Christina Milian birthday

As for whether or not she will ever get back together with Brown, Karrueche Tran told Access Hollywood.

“I don’t know if a friendship will necessary work, but I definitely want to keep on good terms,” Karrueche said. “I want to be cordial and positive. No drama.”

“A guy who is famous, he’s rich and all that. It’s just a lot of baggage and I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to go through that again,” she added.

Bare in mind that the last time these two saw each other it ended in a big blowup and luckily things didn’t get violent.

Chris Brown has also spoke to Ryan Seacrest about his recent running with Karrueche Tran at Playhouse nightclub and says that she need time to heal.

“I’m not a hateful person,” Brown said. “Of course I still love her, but mentally right now, I think everything takes time. I just need to focus on being the best father I can be.”


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  1. Really…why keep reporting what she feels who really cares. Why is what she feel important to us? She is irrelevant so why should we put her on a pedestal this happens to people everyday, what makes her special. Report about something or someone important.

  2. Sickofhearingit

    He deserves better

  3. Sickofhearingit

    Who cares!!!

  4. them groceries musta been good, huh Chris?

  5. Chris your focus is your daughter. Sometimes God put people in your life for a season. To let you know not its time to let them go. Chris find yourself first and focus on loving who you are the way God made you. Stay away from the negative people for they only want to damage your name. The only little person that has your heart is your daughter and for her to love her father. Anything else is irrelevant. Chris its time for your maturity to stay focus and move forward. Let your little girl be proud of her daddy. That’s who have your heart. Show her love in a affectionate way and that’s being there for her and teaching her life the correct way.

  6. She has fame now….hope Chris is 100% sure this baby is his ..just saying…she’s cute though.

  7. Lol people calling her vindictive ? How you make that out shes telling the media and you fans how she feels . She’s not down to be his door mat no more so stop asking and begging her to go back to a cheater and a emotional unstable man who repeatedly cheated on her and had a baby with someone else! She don’t wanna be no step mummy ,she wants the ring the house the car the dog and white picket fence and her own kids and she’s clearly can understand chris brown won’t give her that ,he gave it to somobody else so stop beating down on this women for having a dream and aiming for it. Chris might replace her with some next beauty but you people need to understand he’s the one with these issues not the women until he sorts him self out every relationship will be the same always karruche will find a man who will treat her right and give her what she wants .

    • Im glade she’s going about her business. Im tired of hearing about her talentless person. Please Karrueche can fly a coop. She got exactly what she asked for. She should have been left. 3 years you hanging around a man who was dating Rihanna. Yes the 4 years Karrueche has been with Chris, 3 of them was Chris, Rihanna, and Karrueche. So please, why is she surprised. Would have been better if it was Rihanna who gave him a baby, since she’s so beautiful, and famous. This girl was sticking around and going to do what ever it took until she could get something else going on to take care of herself. No I don’t feel sorry for her because everything she has is because she was dating Chris Brown. Its millions of girls who have worked their butts off for years to get a gig on a show and she lands the gig because of her super star boyfriend. After kissing Chris’s butt for 4 years and get the gig. Its not fair. To be manipulative, and do threesomes and what ever a man wants you to do just to get ahead. Thats what she did. They have videos on Youtube in 2012 where they show Chris walking out the club with a white and black girl that jumps inside his range rover with karrueche sitting in the front seat with the driver and Chris jumped in the backseat with the girls and they pulled off. So please about this do whatever it takes to get your man hoe.

  8. Alrighty miss kae, so after you left, a new pairs of tits grew on you! I thought that we supposed to be cordial in this situation. It’s strange, after Chris was posting pictures of his new baby daughter and sending some money to the baby mother, all of sudden kae became a stronger woman lol. See this is not the way to handle things with your ex but, I’m guessing that you want to be the cocky one in the situation. Lol, this is the way how kae is showing that there’s no more Chris and I! If I was Chris Brown, I’ll just let her be and let kae be the only one who acting like no adult.

  9. Karrueche is really feeling herself now. But I seen her trailer of Vanity and she has nothing to brag about. I think her acting is terrible, She definitely wasn’t the best for that part. She is not believable at all and it sounds like she’s reading the script. She is not pronouncing the words properly and sometimes it sounds like she’s speaking with an accent. To top everything off, she looks older and funny looking. She looks like her head and hands are the biggest things on her body. She’s a mess, so I don’t know what she’s thinking but it definitely wasn’t what I saw. Bye girl bye. The only reason they picked her was because she was Chris Browns girlfriend and sharing his popularity. Its really funny to watch.

    • Lol agree! I’m glad that she moved on but, there’s no needs to be salty about the situation.

  10. I personally think they both should just move on,love hurts like hell but you just got to pick yourself up and do you.Why cry over spill milk.

    • Oh please, Chris already said publically that he was moving on and focusing on himself and his daughter. The boy didn’t wound like he was shedding any tears. Chris Brown’s problem is that he doesn’t like to be alone with himself.

  11. i think Karrueche needs to give this boy another chance coz this boy is madly in love with her and he has change totally………… just give him another chance you neva know you might get married

    • Why give this girl another chance when you know she only went with you for the fame. chris move on with your life.

    • It’s great Chris is in love with her and doesn’t want to let go! But he let go of her when he decided to bed a woman and get her pregnant, and a year later post the baby online and to allow his girl he so in love with find out on-line. Maybe his “in Love means different than normal folk “in Love! I’m just saying!!

      • Chris Brown never said he was in love with Karrueche. He said he loves her. He also said he still loves Rihanna. Don’t know where you guys are dreaming this “In Love” sh”t up. He said he loves her, if he was in love with here he would have put a ring on it when she was texting him about a commitment. Get a grip.

      • Remember kae, did it to herself by allowing other women into bedroom with her and Chris.

      • You judgemental women are always bringing up the alleged threesome. I take it Chris Brown gets a free pass for being a crazy horn dog.

      • Lol, no baby it happen!

      • Trani confirmed it? What kind of threesome? 2 men ? 2 women? How do you know that she didn’t just watch?

      • Lol!

      • Judgemental! child, the truth hurts, does it! Kae, didn’t respect herself in that relationship. She allowed other women into their bedroom and wanted Chris Brown to faithful, get f**k out of here! Both parties was in all sorts of wrong and I’m not taking up for anybody. Please, kae is not innocent in this situation! Having threesomes with your boyfriend, does give a red flag that it is okay to bring more people in the relationship. But I forgot, we live in he|| where it is allowed smdh!

      • You don’t get to participate in a threesome then call someone a slut afterwards. The mere mention of the threesome was the biggest red flag ever! I would’ve jump ship. He could’ve jump ship. He had sex with some woman (probably raw) created a life yet he complains about groupies.

      • And Kae, had sex with some of the women that Chris have bring with him. Sad you trying to justify that Kae didn’t include herself into the situation.

      • And how do you know this …you were there? You saw the sex tape? Trani had 5 years to get knocked up. So she couldn’t have been any good at gold digging.What’s sad is you’re defending a wife beater and an all around bad apple. He thinks he can apologize and everything should go back to normal.

        He shamed that poor girl who broke into his house calling her “crazy” , yet he has a mental disorder.

      • Umm sorry I don’t be in on with to people having sex, try again! Was you there?

      • I never said I was there … you’re the one taking the word of a mentally unstable person.

      • You ask a question, then I answered!

      • Very true! She just wasn’t fit for celebrity stuff such as that. She doesn’t seem like a strong individual who can handle pressures put upon her. But your so right!

    • Naw, no more chances! Let her have a 15 minutes of fame and watch how Chris Brown replace miss kae in like 5,4,3,2,1 seconds lol. I’m happy that kae has moved on but, this is not the way of being vindictive. Being salty in this situation can hunt your back!

    • You guys are really delusional and gullible. Guys must make mincemeat out of you. Listen to what a man doesn’t say as opposed to what he says and you’ll figure it out eventually. Chris Brown never once said he was in love with the Karrueche girl, he said yeah I love her only when pressed and then added a “but” afterwards, believe that’s not an I’m in love with you statement. Just a reminder, but Chris Brown also said he still loved Rihanna. Saying you love someone doesn’t mean you’re “In love with them” When the Karrueche girl was texting Chris for him to make a decision to make a commitment once and for all to her. Reportedly, Chris did not respond. Doesn’t sound to me like he’s in love with this girl. Chris has been with this girl off and on for five years, he seems like a man who just doesn’t like to lose. Believe me, if Chris was so “In Love” with the Karrueche girl he would have long gotten her an engagement ring. Young ladies stop being so gullible, because when they finished with you or you kick them to the curb, they’re just going to go on and phuck the next girl. Stop being such a dumb generation, and using your bodies as some guy’s doomat because I can assure you the things they say about you are far from flattering in the worst way.

      • Lmao! Love..In Love same thing! Maybe it’s best to read what you post before attacking someone commenting with what you wrote. In Love or Love either way yes it would be a great thing to put a ring on it!….you have a Fab Day!…lol

  12. mi nuh understand why some ppl feel like she must tek di whola chris fckry and everything muss be nice. chris gi har a strength yea, but she nuh owe him har soul nor life fi dat. ppl a gwan like she use him, everything him do fi har was voluntary. mi waah know if some a unnu caribbean ppl did deh wid chris, and him do u one bagga fckry long like giraffe, if unnu woulda juss tek it so and bear it just because him gi yuh a strength, when is enough enough? when do you stand on your own feet and do u owna thing? a so some ppl fool fi a tek constant foolishness and neva grow? where is the ambition in that? K-tran move up yah my girl, God bless you wid a opportunity fi reach di next lvl so gwan mash di works and build yuh thing. some ppl want u fi stagnant but mek dem gweh, chris is just a man. coulda been any woman in her position but it was karrueche so that calling/blessing was meant for her.

    • Whaaaaaaat WTF are you attempting to say???? Speak English!!!

      • I understood what he was saying. Actually one of the wisest responses on this thread.

      • He’s speaking in a dialect. He has the ability to communicate effectively (from what I’ve seen) in his dialect and in standard American English. You should be more annoyed with Americans butchering the language that was forced upon them. lol

      • its called patois, the Jamaican dialect.

      • Why are you trying to educate such a crass individual?

      • Nyashia Williams

        F u loser this me is right she made a lil come up but when is enough enough

  13. Her fame,she don’t know what go around come back around.oh she is caught up in it I just hope those same people be there for her when she falls.

  14. This is why you should always be humble. She’s feeling vindicated now because for the longest everybody dissed her and called her his door mat etc. but now he’s showing the world he really loved her with a little manipulation from her of course. So now she feels like she has accomplished what she needed to accomplish and besides why go back to him, she knows he’s not going to marry her and she’s 27 and ticking so of course she would want to marry and have children soon. She’s talking about being cordial and positive. Well I hope she feels the same way when he has a new woman on his arm. Thats what he’s going have real soon. Karrueche aint said a thing because girls are lined up ready to take her position. lined up and he already started auditioning.

  15. Ol she cocky now karrueche need to understand if it wasn’t for her dating Chris wouldn’t nobody in i mean nobody kno her she still the same thot groupie in the club thirsty.everybody kno she was using Chris to get fame she will always be reminded how she got her lil fame through Chris,in if my memory serves me right I remember Chris givin her the kill fashion design business in look where she took that nowhere. She need to count her blessing she even met Chris or better yet that he chose her out of so many groupies

  16. Chris it is alright to Love her but you are not in Love with her keep your head up Chris don’t get yourself in trouble over her she is on a roll now she sure fell out of love fast Good luck Tran