Classic Man (Remix) Jidenna ft. T.I. Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Jidenna)
My name calling all night
I can pull the wool while I’m being polite
Like, darling calling all night
I can be a bull while I’m being polite
Like, oh me, oh me oh my
I know many women want to be in my life
Like, oh me, oh me oh my
Why can’t every woman end up being my wife?

(Pre Chorus – Jidenna)
Even if she go away, even if she go away
Even if she go away, even if she go away

(Chorus – Jidenna)
I’m a Classic Man
You can be mean when you look this clean
I’m a Classic Man
Calling on me like a young OG
I’m a Classic Man
Your needs get met by the street, elegant old fashioned man
Yeah baby I’m a Classic Man

(Verse 2: T.I.)
Hopping out cold with a bad b**ch
Man this is all I adore for ya
To care for me, watching all that for
Can you know attention, what you doing all that for
Get yo ho and listen, I run a
A pretty faith ass booty, camo too
When you catching a bus, I was riding in Benz
You even got you a Chevy
And I bought me a Bentley
You finally found you a plug, then I succeed on my
You better look check out the scope, look like it 0 to pimping
I do this s**t for the sport, like its a hobby of sort
I make the birdy spread a eagle
Man I’m a classic man, Maybach Sedan
Suit black and tan with the racks in hand
Say ya had some bad bi**hes with a hairdo
I’m still hating, I don’t know what they’re doing for

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Jidenna)
I burn through the hood like whoa
When everybody’s feeling so cold
I’m cool like Nat King Cole
And ni**a’s get a bit of my glow
I got charm like a leprechaun, mummaf**ka
Now y’all f**king with the wrong mummaf**ka
Treat me like a don, mummaf**ka
And we don’t live by the law, mummaf**ka

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)