Birdman Clears Up $2 Million Tax Lien, Still Owes Lil Wayne

Birdman paid Uncle Sam close to $2 million in back taxes but still owes Lil Wayne much more than that.

Back in December last year, the federal government hit the Cash Money honcho with a heavy tax lien and again in February of this year.

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The IRS threatened to auction off some of the rap mogul’s assets to clear up a whopping back tax bill of $1,942,400.58, according to TMZ. But Birdman ante up the bill before loosing any of his pricey possessions including a Bugatti Veyron and a mansion in South Florida.

Lil Wayne has sued Birdman for $51 million saying that the Cash Money head owed him $10 million for his unreleased album Tha Carter V.


  1. how do these celebs always owe so much taxes? how does that work? how does that happen? check seh as a celeb weh a mek good money taxes shouldn’t be a problem especially to how dem spend money and buy things

    • Celebrities are considered self employed. When ppl write them a check which leaves a paper trail for the government to track, you are responsible to pay the taxes on that money. Just think if every persons 9to5 did not take out taxes. There would be a lot of ppl in jail. Especially if your in the limelight with so much press your more likely to be audited. I think some think they can get away with it. Some I believe wait on some bigger money to come in to cover the whole bill which is stupid. They should pay quarterly!

      • right i understand that, but i was under the impression that celebs have professionals (like accountants and financial advisers etc..) to monitor their finances to ensure things like taxes are paid and other bills are paid timely. i thought that was the standard, what do they pay those persons for if they can never handle taxes and other expenses? or do they not have those ppl, am i mistaken?