Boosh Kash & Gully Bop – Rave Lyrics

It’s summer time again
All the gyal dem in dem latest trends
We a go a Dream Weekends
We a go party wid the girls and we friends yeah

Rave, we a rave
We a rave

We naw stop rave
We a rave

(Verse 1)
Loddy daddy
Mi a drive the Audi
Love fi si the gyal dem wid the summer body
Buck a gyal from down a Trinidad
That deh gyal deh a mad over the Gully
Suh mi tek her down a ATI
And meck shi look into a meetieye
A pare tears weh the matie cry
But a drink wi a drink and a rave tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hennessy in my vane
We smoking the highest grade
We keep part, inna nuh grave
Suh mi a follow Poppy and just Gwaan rave

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Bikini and summer top
Suh Gully Bop touch down in a drag top
Go a tour and mi just come back
Pocket nuh empty, pocket full a cash
Anyweh mi go a pare Champagne a splash
Cable nuh empty, my cable pack
Hennessy, Grey Goose and Ciroc

(Repeat Chorus)