Masicka – Keep On Going Lyrics

Father God you know seh man a sinner
You gimmi the strength fi show mi foe seh mi a winner
Touch the road fi get the dinner
The house dem and the beemer
Broke pocket thing real tugs dem nuh in a

Money haffi meck the bankbook overflowing
All when mi tired wi keep on going
Life rough in a the street suh wi growing
Just naw give up, wi keep on going

Caw wi must reap from the seed weh wi sowing
When you si a youth a try dirty ni**a low him
Man pon the stall, the former weh do the plowing
The crop not growing, keep on going

(Verse 1)
Caw mi work hard and never stop
In a the sun sweat a drop
All when dem set a trap
Nuh feel like seh wi breath a stop
Yo own a brother try fi kill you but wi never shock
Friend turn enemies when the treader stock
Dem eye redder, that meck dem waan you get a shock
Spot the rake like cash pot
Dem friendship get left a back
FI snapback, dragtop, tall chain and leather watch
Dem si you a dead and watch

But mi chant a psalm, psalm, psalm, psalm, psalm
Pagans cyaa do nuh arm

A work man gone, gone, gone, gone
Caw mi waan money in a mi palm
Money haffi meck the bankbook overflowing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Stop idle and laugh and talk pon corner
Waan transform in a boss like Obama park di lama
Fast avoid the drama
Youth stay in a yo class when you done sit order
My funds nuh buy guns fi gun down mi brother
MI rather kill mi lungs wid marijuana
Mi love si the peace, Clans, Wanada
Dem on a mission, ambition man nuh short a

(Repeat Chorus 2X)