Young Thug And The Game Made Peace With Apology

Young Thug and The Game have made peace and put an end to their beef before someone gets hurt.

Last week, the Atlanta and Compton rappers traded jabs on social media with The Game drawing first blood by calling out Young Thug for constantly dissing Lil Wayne.

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Thugger responded on Instagram telling The Game that he is on his way to Los Angeles where anything can happen.

T. Rodgers told REVOLT that Hip Hop manager and talent scout John Monopoly contacted him and asked him to reach out to The Game and Young Thug before someone gets hurt.

Rodgers says that he then reached out to JoJo Capone, who is a mutual friend of both rappers who ultimately brokered the peace.

“Game and Young Thug are not role models to the entire African-American community,” T. Rodgers says. “They are idols to a small population maybe 24 and under.”

Young Thug first posted a video on Instagram before deleting it.

“See the way the world is set up, they want all blacks to kill each other, but we’re not,” Young Thug said. “Black lives matter so I salute Game, I respect him. I’m sorry for making that post about him. Even though he was wrong, and he was in the wrong business, and taking up for a n***a that wasn’t taking up for they self. It’s all good.”

The Game later posted a video acknowledging Young Thug’s apology and urged him to squash his beef with Lil Wayne.

“I seen Thugger video and sh**. I think it take a real n***a to apologize and dead some sh**,” The Game said.

“I think the next phase is getting him and Tune sh** buried ’cause Tune my n*gga,” The Documentary rapper added.

Some dancehall artists should take note.

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  1. glad they handled it civilly. too much going on with black ppl, we don’t need that