Laden – Balance Lyrics

Wine pon the riddim and balance
Gyal tell mi why yuh a gallang so
Done know seh yuh no have no manners so
Get mad like mad ants no

Dip a likkle low then gyal balance suh
Crawl pon the ground wid a one hand cho
Balance, gyal yuh fi balance
Balance no

(Verse 1)
Then my girl, yo feel how the loud speaker dem a jerk the bass
Mi want yo twerk yo boss and wine and work yo waist
Yuh a goodas but more time have a dirty ways
Cause mi would a lock yuh down fi more than thirty days

Take yo time pon the journey a yuh a first the race
And when yuh go hard gyal a yuh a burst the place
Gyal a so yo do yo thing yo no follow certain face
When yuh a wine every gyal search fi space

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gyal wine up yo body caw yo energetic
Gyal balance pon it because a so yo get it
Gyal go paw yo head and yo no get yo neck crick
Gyal and yuh a shock and yuh no electric
Mi gyal a how yo buss da style deh yuh mussi matrix
And yo set yo own a trend yuh a buss the latest
And from mi step up pon the scene gyal yuh bussing bay splits
Yuh a go hard, no di, no di brain shift

(Repeat Chorus 2X)