Twin Of Twins – Obama Lyrics

Wish Obama did passed through Jungle
Fi si the place weh people dead by the bundle
Then him would a know seh Jamaica nuh humble
Tourist destination and some rasta man weh humble

Mi wish from the moment the plane land
Him did step out a airport go Painland
You would a si the government dem go all out
Fi turn all a the board dem in a wall house

(Verse 1)
Obama come suh dem clean up some a the yard
Paint couple fence, dem even bathe the mingy dog
Put on dem Sunday best and come a gwaan like dem a nuh fraud
Might as well dem sell phone cause dem full wi up a card

Wish Obama did know things not what it seem
When him commended the police for being professional and clean
But a bet dem never tell him what dem do to Mario Dean

I wish you would a come yah everyday
Visit mi work place fi dem double up mi pay
When you think wi nuh have no problem its an irie nation
But the only thing weh irie a the radio station

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem abuse poor people nuh matter how dem try
It’s like a love affair between a woman and a guy
Weh beat her everyday then him cover the black eye
And when the neighbors dem come over shi end up have to lie
Jamaica need an inversion
Dem nuh tell you bout the incursion
Nuff a skin teeth a put dem hand in your hand
And dem wicked like the terrorist and insurgeon

Wrong people in prison
Alive and am kicking
But not really living
these optimistic
Or just for tourism

(Repeat Chorus)