Tommy Lee Sparta – Numb (Skunk) lYRICS

Where is the dealer
Where is the cush man
Where is the wrizla
Where is the light

I know they are right here
Man I can see dem
That’s the only reason why mi heart is num
Heart is num, my heart is num
Heart is num, my heart is num

(Verse 1)
Mi get high off a the skunk
Mi get high off a the skunk

Not a bird, not a plane
Mi traveling
Am the stars, am the stars

I look down, I see Jesus in Galilee
As I walk on the moon in my walabee
Birds and the plane is mad at me
Cause they see me flew
Never see no weed suh sweet give me cavity

Nuh smoke cigarette throw weh the whole pack
Grabber in a mi weed weh mi roll hot
A play in a mi brain like a joke trap
Look in a mi, thinking I shouldn’t go back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi a cry fi the weed
Mi cyaa find hi
That alone can meck mi eye dem favor chine
Mi seh weh the weed man deh?
Ask him wa hi pree
Every puff mi puff hi meck mi sing ahigh key
Hi nail haffi sawka mi naw lock it off
Weed mi a smoke it alone meck mi
Meck mi blast to the stars
AM the marsions from mars
Spitting bars after bars
High grade no cigar

(Repeat Chorus)