Popcaan – Baby (Testify) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi haffi love you baby
Yo tight likkle pu**y drive mi crazy
And da body deh suh sexy
Mi sign you like pepsi

Yeah, whole heap a woman waan fi change mi
Some a try use silicone fi phase mi
All when dem get mi number and text mi
Mi telling dem straight seh

You a my baby
My baby
Yea, God know yo pum pum tight
So me have to testify

You a my baby
My baby
Yeah, although mi born July
Mi naw go tell no lie

(Verse 2)
Gyal you out fi mad fry eye
Wa meck yo pum pum tight suh?
Me rest mi town hand dem right pon yo nipple point
Me know a that you like
Love when yo ride pon bike
Yeah, meck me tek off your tang
Just like mi Air force Nike

You meck mi feel rich like the lottery
Meck mi work you out like the factory
Mommy do anything fi Poppy
And a you alone meck mi happy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Honestly mi cyaa tell lie pon a good pum pum
Baby yo wet pu**y feel good
Mi tell Firelinks and Boom Boom
You full a energy like you drink Boom
Gyal you got me coming home
Every night up in a yo zone
Mi nuh know a wa meck mi love you suh?
But I don’t give a f**K
Feel like skin it out meck mi push it right inside
Shi f**k mi anywhere and nuh have no pride
This is something I cant hide

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. Isn it gyal yuh got me turn enorm?
    Every night up inna yuh zone?