Aidonia – Hot Up Di Place Lyrics

Buss out dem head
And hot up the place
And shot up yo face
Fat 45 shot slap out yo ears

Hot up the place
And shot up yo place
The bwoy call police fi patrol the place

(Verse 1)
Tell dem man a murderer
Bare face murderer
One voice and governor
Wi nuh beg friend from bwoy
S**k yo mother
Pu**y anyweh at all
Claat it mi gun go buss
Thunder russ, get yo congo buss
Poppine nuh chat nuff
Nuh tongue nuh cuss
Big 21 in a yo head one run go up
Sound tun up, gun go burn you up
Yo drop buff, baff, ground blood up
Yo gyal come grap and hug you up
Member you did a chat and act tough nuh f**k
Step brawling, very blunt
Askelly thump, that meck jelly jump
To how mi step cold dem seh mi drunk
Meck head buss like fruit berry plum
Love when mi gun big like heavy drum
Love send bwoy body go a bury ground
Show crime walk up and shell you down
Bright light send you down

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pu**y god damn it
Chop off yo head meck dog nam it
Clap hi till it hotter than a car bannit
Big thunder ball dem fall from it
When wi a step, naw panic
Gi dem some corn weh nuh organic
Slap it, naw jam it
Suh mi start one it
Matic, pocket, slam it
Shrub the nozzle and the gun up in a yo head
Everything in a the clip run up in a yo head
Family get bottle bomb burn up in a yo bed
Rasta the rebel wid the clutchy a nuh dread
Nuh left the gun when mi touch in a the bed
Cause anyweh mi buck dem a go dead
Nuh base ball bat fi bones bruk in a yo legs
Supn buss in a yo head

(Repeat Chorus 2X)