Jeremih – Planes (Remix) ft. Chance The Rapper Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Jeremih)
Catch me rolling through the city
Riding with the top off
Man, my whip so big when you in it
F**k around and get lost
Told my bi**h to let her hair down
What this s**t costs?
Tell me, baby, if you bout that life right now
I hope it ain’t talk, no

(Pre Chorus – Jeremih)
I can put you in the Mile High Club, what’s up?
Let’s take a trip
Have you ever read The World Is Yours?
On a blimp?

(Bridge – Jeremih)
Tell her be free, baby spread your wings
Got your legs in the sky like a plane
Let me guide that, I’m the pilot
Can’t nobody see you, 30 thousand feet
On your knees in them Prada’s
Making freaky sh** come up out her

(Chorus – Jeremih)
Get high baby roll one, cloud nine bout to go up
Loving the feeling the turbulence girl when we turn up
When we land we can roll out
Show you something you ain’t know about
Tonight we be taking off flight with a camera to show out

(Verse 2 – Jeremih)
I got you in the air, your body in the air
How it feel up here?
You can scream as loud as you want, loud as you can
And ain’t nobody gonna hear
Would you like it better
If I hit the west coast?
Tell me, if you bout that life right now
I hope it ain’t talk

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Chance The Rapper)
I got that golden ticket, we should just go and kick it
This the factory
Listen to Kels order daiquiris
With your bi**hes
Getting drunk as f**k
See a bi**h I f**ked then get mad at me
Listen to Kels then get back with me
Cause I could fix broken bridges, she could never burn em
Yeezy taught her well, he ain’t ever gonna learn her
You would be a liar if you said I didn’t want her
But candy is so delicious, this sh** sweet
I be hitting other bi**hes like this sh** weak, this the worst p**** I had all week
But you got that golden ticket
F**k the airfare we should have a affair
Life’s real unfair to the ones scared
Life really ain’t a game when it’s one player
That’s scary huh
Very huh, like it when I beat the p**** up like Jerry vs Tom with a bat like Barry Bonds
She said she had too much baggage to carry on
You make me optimistic
We should just go and kick it
You got that golden ticket
We got some golden tickets, IGH

(Repeat Pre Chorus)