De La Soul Ft. Nas – God It Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Grown man salute check the black suit
A fair black tie
Got these kids filling up the premises
They want the supply
Product is uncut
We giving you what you need cause you pay the prices
And if albums like pizza pies
We know you ain’t tryna pay for them slices
When them chefs in the streets they call me De La
As if I lost my soul
I still got it baby boy
And the sound on patrol
Check the file
While we run it international like no other
For me in the pics
Rocking them New York Knicks in them number blue colors
They got it for two for five
We got it for three for free baby
Cause you gonna get hooked off this verbal dope we cook
That’s how it’s gonna be baby
This digital onslaught, it’s the world we live
Get with it or get quiet
You stay home while we stay on that Nasir Jones
Ya’ll, the world is our diet

When we glide the world, what we telling em?
Still god it baby boy
Within’ the loudest crowds, what we yell at em?

Still god it baby boy
Walk amongst the people, what they eyes saying?

Still god it baby boy
Those that thought they were equal, they demise saying
Still god it baby boy

(Verse 2)
As young boys we sat on the stoop playing punch buggy
Now we OG’s driving
Limited whips from 2016
Just watch what we call perfect timing
The cradle is straight, the fridge got a cradle estate
We dine like Thanksgiving
If you on seconds with nothing to share
Then kill yourself what’s life worth living?
Case studies say hip hop is dead huh?
I think I need to taste the pudding
Proof in it, if God was a kid
When sales went from platinum to wooden
Special affairs, who cares about the special effects ya’ll
We’re like no others
Show respect to this grown man ink young fella
Recorded your mothers
Now when I walk in the street they call me De La
As if I lost my soul
I still got it baby boy
Check the Nikes baby boy
Overseas or domestic
We exchange currency til the paper’s extinct
You like fossils in the wild
We live with God’s Child f*** what ya’ll think

(Repeat Chorus)