YT Triz – Vamonos (Feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne) [New Music]

YT Triz teamed up with Rick Ross & Lil Wayne on new track entitled “Vamonos.”

Which one of these pu**y ass ni**a’s wanna
Make a ni**a smoke em like some marijuana
See the chopper, we can pull around the corner
Feel em your back and got the monkey on em
Fore they turn your baby momma to a loner
I stopped selling rocks but I keep a stoner
Never leave without it, I’mma keep it on me
Throw back and leave you lonely
B***h pu**y super wet it’s Aquifina
I’mma beat the pu**y, Ike and Tina
All I know is racks like Sabrina
Leave for the white bi**h, French and Trina

YT Triz – Vamonos (Feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne) Lyrics

Listen full track below.