Jah Cure Ft. Fusbaan (LNJ) – King In This Jungle (Remix) Lyrics

(Listen Chorus by Jah Cure)

(Verse 1)
Man a king, just listen to my sound
Down to the teeth in a my mouth a wear a crown
Man a king but mi hardly use mi thrown
A work man a work mi nuh have no time fi sit down
Nuh have no time fi ghester, man nuh clown
Judge bwoy the court a mine a nuh your’s
Nuh British money
Weh mi seh under mi robe mi have the pound
Ask mi queen and concubine weh gi mi dome
Mi nuh wine caw mi don’t f**k round

Time dem a waste, but mi a move faster
King in a the jungle cyaa do mi like Mofasa

King in a the jungle mi nuh left the bush master
In a the jungle mi grow the cush faster

In a this jungle lions don’t do braughter
Mi full a pride and a it mi look after

(Verse 2)
King in a the jungle
Jungle jesus weh mi have a buss
Rise up the thing weh mi bury, Lazarus
Suh when you si mi move aside, Abacus
Cyaa count the amount weh the glock a buss
Seh dem a king, dem need a crown fabulous
Gun weh mi sling shot you, catapult
When mi have mi tool in hand
Is like Usain have a family reunion
Caw mi si allot a Bolt

(Re Listen Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I man seh king in a the jungle suh nuh meck the Jesus rumble
Dem seh don’t drop the ball caw you will crumble
But mi nuh play wid valse suh how mi fi fumble
Mi nuh play wid vals, mi nuh funky
After mi nuh Canadian minty
No horse riding in ma kingdom, ma country
Suh anytime that mi chad with the pumpy
It roar like a lion when mi swing it like a monkey

(Re Listen Chorus)