Rick Ross – Dog Food [New Music]

Rick Ross serves up a bowl for his fans with new track entitled “Dog Food,” produced by Lex Luger.

I stroll up your block, I go where I wanna
I look like a baller, I talk like a owner
Shoot for the stars, shoot up your corner
Black Bel Air baller, bust em like a Corona
Ni**a mean with the rock, blow trout in the lot
Heidi Klum and my neighbors, sippin sazerac with Barack
Blonde bi**h is the bomb, she know I’m a threat
A ni**a rich as Saddam, just build a house in Tebet
It’s that dog food ni**a, know I’m killing the bi**h
It’s that A L Post post talk, you getting kibble and bits
They talking fast talk now, they send us in quick
You in your bed tied down, you on some menacing s**t

Rick Ross – Dog Food Lyrics

Listen full track below.