Rick Ross – Dog Food Lyrics

I stroll up your block, I go where I wanna
I look like a baller, I talk like a owner
Shoot for the stars, shoot up your corner
Black Bel Air baller, bust em like a Corona
Ni**a mean with the rock, blow trout in the lot
Heidi Klum and my neighbors, sippin sazerac with Barack
Blonde bi**h is the bomb, she know I’m a threat
A ni**a rich as Saddam, just build a house in Tebet
It’s that dog food ni**a, know I’m killing the bi**h
It’s that A L Post post talk, you getting kibble and bits
They talking fast talk now, they send us in quick
You in your bed tied down, you on some menacing s**t
Timberland boots, black trench coat
Kept on all of my chains, cuz this game cutthroat
Ni**a’s wanna be weasels, till they put in the
Snatch you like Joey? Walk through the city of dough
Got a few watches, got some s**t up my sleeve
Got you bi**h in the Lamborghini, she barley can breathe
I don’t know her name, I call her passenger seat
All I want is a brain, so f*** a master degree
I ball like I’m Maly, ball like I’m Wade, ball like I’m Bron
I like the lobster filet
My obsession is hoes, stone crabs outta Joes
I can make one wish, murder all of my foes
Shades cost 10, my car half a mil
They say I’m the man, shawty low know it real
We keep the cash in the back, keep them guns in the front
You know just where we at, so you can come when you want
I fill my cut to the top, whether purple or not
My bi**h look like Toni Braxton, from you making me hot
Throw the white in the pot, my future look bright
Did my wrongs in the dark, long as that paper look right
It’s that dog food ni**a, it’s that Al Poe top
I can jump off a jet, and go jump straight in the water
If there’s beef then there’s beef, they can’t sleep on me
My dogs dressed like ninjas, the rice on me
Life is a gamble, I’m so mean with the dice
Head crack with the left, I’m hitting trips with right
I’m in that bi**h, bi**h I’m on fire
I’m in that bi**h, I’m on fire, bi**h I’m on fire
It’s the dog food, let my dogs eat
No, she a dog, bi**h, I let my dog beat
I’m in my dogs Bens, and had it all week
I’m sipping Bel AIr, I’m tryna drown me
So f**k the rap game, they tried to down me
I’m still strapped mayne, it’s county
If you a f**k boy, stay the f**k from ’round me
If you a f**k boy, stay the f**k from ’round me
Stones in my pocket, stone washed jeans
Label the Mastermind my, elaborate schemes
They say I’m a, because I gotta prefect it
Take 200 racks just the huh on your racket
It’s the dog food let my dogs eat
I got 50Ms, I’m talking straight cheese
50Ms, I’m talking straight cheese