Rihanna Epic April Fools Prank On Jimmy Kimmel [WATCH]

A case where the prankster gets prank. Jimmy Kimmel is known to pull off some epic pranks but this time the joke was on him thanks to Rihanna.

With the help of Jimmy Kimmel’s wife and some staffers at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rihanna pulled off the epic April Fools prank.

Rihanna and her crew sneaked into Jimmy Kimmel’s home at 1 AM and went straight into his bedroom. She started blasting her new single “B***h Better Have My Money” and threw some cash and confetti on the late night show host while he is in bed startled.

“It seemed like a UFO had landed,” Kimmel said after the fiasco.

“I will admit that is not usually how you come to me in my dream,” Kimmel said on the show.

Rihanna performed her new track “BBHMM” on last weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Awards.