Stein – Non Stop Lovin Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Shi love mi infinity
But mi naw talk mi car
A nuh that meck shi waan fi spar
The loving weh shi give mi naw end like a movie
Mi seh mi not losing her
And just like how the world turning
Just like a volcano burning
Mi cyaa fight the feelings emerging
Mi appreciate your love

You give me none stop loving my darling
You give me none stop loving oh girl
And if a man ever find a girl like you
Him would a be the happiest man in a the world
You give me none stop loving my baby

(Verse 2)
Every minute, every hour, every second a the day
Shi love mi and shi never ever tek an holiday
Her actions meck mi seh that shi would a never stray
Mi love you my baby

You treat me like a king should be treated
Mi naw go be alone
You love me and you never keep it a secret
Am glad that your my own

(Repeat Chorus 2X)