Konshens – It’s Gonna Be Okay Lyrics

Working hard everyday
Still I can hardly see my pay
But to the most high Jah, Jah, I pray
It’s gonna be ok

(Verse 1)
I write early in the morning before the sun rise
Sleep still deh in a mi two eyes
The one room pack up like a stadium
Touch the road and look the rent fi go pay now
Even though life tough I know things definitely have to get better one day
So I naw go get discourage
Everyday I work hard and pray

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Even though life tough like a rock stone
Still a pon the road a look the food fi bring back home
Blood sucker dem a bite neck and a crock bone
Dem nuh waan si man turn a king and get fi lock throne
But you nuh fi meck dem bruk yo vibes
Nuh meck dem cut yo speed
Nuh meck dem hold you down
Keep a smile on your face
Don’t ever frown

(Repeat Chorus 3X)