Suge Knight Released From Hospital After Collapsing In Court

Suge Knight collapsed in court on Monday after a judge set his bail at a whopping $25 million. Has to be the highest bail in history.

Even for a hardcore gangster Suge, to see his bail set so high couldn’t keep it together. The former Death Row Records boss fainted in court after the judge made the announcement.

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Knight attorney Matt Fletcher told NBC LA that his client did not take his medication and fell ill in court.

“He was dripping sweat, like someone poured a bucket of water on him,” said Fletcher. “He wiped the sweat off his head and said, ‘I haven’t had my medication.’”

An ambulance was called in and the Record producer was hauled off to a hospital. He has since been released and is now back in jail.

Suge Knight, whose real name is Marion Knight, was charged with murder following a deadly hit-and-run on a movie set in Compton last month.

The man he ran over and killed was his friend.