Tommy Lee Sparta – Done Seet Lyrics

Mi know seh you a nuh badman s**K yo mumma
Right now one a unuh badman wi murder
And anytime mi ready mi wi f**K off yo gyal
Dem fi know how fi blow petrol

(Verse 1)
My badness nuh have no joke in a that
Bay badness stand up in a my catalog
You could a deh beside siren it a clap
A gi bwoy eye ball drop in a him mother lap

Mi go spar wid killer mi nuh like chatta box
Ratchet in a yo neck if you insoniac
Whole a dem a gap like a f**king parrot
And mi know seh him seat belt none a dem nuh strap

Mi done seet, mi done seet
Da bwoy seh weak like crackhead teeth
Nuh tek mi emotions fi weak
Mi wi buss yo throat wid tears a run from mi cheek
Dem nuh in a wi league
Dem nuh hot like December
Dem probably freeze
Suh run back in a yo mother please
Mi know seh you naw go squeeze

(Repeat Intro)

(Verse 2)
Mi have a hill mind
To how mi love murder people mi kill time
Bwoy could a walk wid a geeen lime
Left him out a door hanging pon him life line

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)