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Mavado, Alkaline & I-Octane – Above Dem [New Music]

Who knew that this collaboration was in the making and even get here so soon?

Last year Alkaline did an interview where he expressed that Mavado and I-Octane are the two dancehall deejays that he has the most respect for. Basically Alkaline said that they were the ones running dancehall along with himself and everyone else lost in their tail wind.

Seems DJ Frass heard the interview and assembled the trio for a new single “Above Dem.”

Check out the lyrics and the full track below.

F**ker dem, mi seh f**ker dem
Whole heap a fight wi get
But still above a dem

Wi laugh haha f**ker dem
Wi laugh the bugger dem
The more dem try fi fight wi
Wi tun up and up again

Mavado, Aklaline & I-Octane – Above Dem Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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  1. Doesnt need Alkaline imo…