Mavado, Alkaline & I-Octane – Above Dem Lyrics

F**ker dem, mi seh f**ker dem
Whole heap a fight wi get
But still above a dem

Wi laugh haha f**ker dem
Wi laugh the bugger dem
The more dem try fi fight wi
Wi tun up and up again

Wi money nuff and nuff again
Pagans a cuss again
The powder and the oil
Nothing yo use nuh work again

Cyaa tell when last mi bruk again
Dem gyal wi still a f**K again
The money and the fame yo know wi have it over dem

(Verse 1)
Left hand a beat a Rolex
Rose gold mi neck a wear
If a nuh Jordan wi in a and the get a wear
Fassy a look a stripe
Better you get a bear
Wi lock the business tek the key
And wi nuh left a spear
Mi lezel worth dem whole career

Pu**y you nuh in a the circle stand out a the square
Mi a f**k waan nanny, mi queng can you see that
Different currency call it currence affair

Better know this jealousy got mi strap
Got mi close to the edge
I got the cops on my back
No way am not giving up
Dem throw dirt paw mi name but the fans dem dig it up
The magician got the thing hi nuh
Clip mi finger 3 time, everything erupt
Mister Fassy waan si mi stuck
Ain’t going back broke, simple mean naw si mi bruk

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
We dem a watch like movie tater
But wi seh none stop cash
Wi a move the paper
Wi nuh beg bwoy nothing the gucci pay fa
Plus wi chain double up like a duplicator
And if you meck a comparison to wi
You nuh si seh dem a nobody globally
Stocking up the cash and putting more pon hi
Totally pon the hillside wi put a house pon hi
Every weh wi go gyal a mad over wi

F**k you far mi a come from
Suh mi entitle fi hype
Money speak things
And these days all me hear is nice
Broke people broke mi vibes yow
And which me living nice
Mi nuh care bout no price
I have bread, eat have a slice
Spend money like nothing don`t follow mi
Act yo salary
Wa a gwaan Manly? Wa a gwaan Shearer?
Rassclaat this yah pocket yah crowdy
Tattoo mi eye, mi done seh it proudly
Seet deh mi eye dem blurry
Plane in a the sky everyday
Caw mi fly everyday
This yah vision yah cloudy

(Repeat Chorus 2X)