Kalado – Sunday Night Killing Lyrics

Even if a Sunday night
Or a Monday night
Caddae the shots dem up
Caw the gun dem right

If dem come the night
Man wi done dme right
Infront a yo mother bed
You is another dead

(Verse 1)
Rifle criss in a mi hand in a mi hand middle
Mi a nuh Martin, chigger finger nuh miss
Nuh off spring
The browning surroundings go round him
Mi a the real killer we’ll Rodney go ask him
Evil in a the eagle weh do the harking
Murder people in a the vehicle nuh parking
Gun in a spirit search fi you
Go in a church and gi you no offering
Killings very often
In a gun battle the bullet dem a tackle and nuh mark him
Mi nuh in a nuh talking
Blood a run before walking
Rat dem get wild when dem barking
Run out wid the glock weh go 40
Lock yo party
Mi a defend caw criminal wi slap hi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Full out when mi pull out
Armor load
Waste man get bullet weh dem cant afford
Slaughter people like politician kill don a road
Glock start clop like dually
Everything get dreadful like Marley
Bob a road, body block street no other code
Buss out bwoy throat like hog a road
Shot a fly through him skin, blood a splash, dash

(Repeat Chorus)