Bobby Shmurda – Right Now ft. French Montana & Rowdy Rebel Lyrics

You’s a f**k boi round here
Child playa hate on my s**t

Watch me burn the place down
B***h, I don’t diss now
Milli in the safe now
Gunning for this cake now
Aye, now, right now
Old news, we right now
Bring the city up, right now
Bring a milli up, right now

(Verse 1)
Rich tell me right now
Rolling up that thing you wanna bite down
Anything you get, I had to knife that
Big game coming right now
Alright now! You can pipe that
Ya ni**a’s hating, chill, I put the mic down
We checking’ ni**a’s like the night club
Bought a band of 40, bout to wipe it down
Ya know that’s cookies lit in furnace
And that Vicky now beheaded
Tryna get me now these burners
On my tooky grind
Lil Billy, yeah you know I’m from the city
I done told her let ‘em titties out
And I’mma let these fifties out
Hot bull – all day, shot burn – broad day
I heard a shot up in this hallway
Keep the .40 on me always

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Prolly snitch, right now, prolly hate, right now
Ya know you fake, right now, yo b***h taste a ni**a, right now
Still get the brick, right now, just made a hit, right now
I salute you all, right now, so I spend it all, right now
Don’t trust me from the waist down
Money, I don’t waste now
Make it all, break down
Hold up! Watch a ni**a weight down
Weight down, chain fake right now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Just made a milli, now my ex-girl hyped now
I tell that lil b***h, pipe down
Hot ni**a and my jewelry iced out
Shmoney ni**a, laughing to the bank right now
Smooth young ni**a, thank my lifestyle
Just put 1000 on a feast up in a nice house
And it’s a party on the beach, don’t bring yo wife out
Cuz if my ni**a’s see her, she gon’ get here right now

(Repeat Chorus)