Popcaan – Bad Inna Real Life (Rup Rup) Lyrics

Bwoy drop when the M1 claat
Mean hi seh the pu–y haffi dead
Andrew Blacks meck the alien walk
Copper shot a lodge in a dem head

Yard man, bad in a real life
England, bad in a real life
New York, bad in a real life
Mi nuh si nuh bwoy wid 3 life

(Verse 1)
When you hear rup, rup, a ruppings
Wi specialize in a quef and cuffings
Big 4×4 magnum do the cooking
Dovecot, bright light do the bookings
One in a informer eye fi the lookings
From mi a go a bloodclaat road mi a do things
Mi a bwoy weh nuh go weh lieft the knocking’s
And mi nuh mean seat belt when mi seh strapping’s
Mobay man lift up the rifle dem weh locking
Bullet fi raper bwoy weh kidnapping
Watch him like mosquito and then clap him
Hig gaping, later pon the news dem a watch him

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bwoy cyaa lay wait mi a bar mi nuh hang out
A nuh clothe, cyaa buy mi nuh lend out
Bwoy haffi dead when da talk yah go send out
Big mack 11 just a ring out
Go tell dem seh mi dread and terrible like Dreiland
Pu**y Jamaica a my island
A mi friend name Mini run the whole Landon
Unruly a the baddest gang

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. Ketal Di Spartan

    anju blaxx meck the alien walks…

  2. Seh Anju Blaxx