Stylysh – 7-11 7eleven (Remix) Lyrics

All when you f**k ten gyal
Mi have up the heaven
Nuff man want a link pon mi panty size
And mi nuh tell dem
One man mi have while some gyal a run round wid seven
Mi man seh mi pu**y still tighter than the time him tek mi maiden

(Verse 1)
Even yo friend dem watch you fi mi to
A carry a bag a news true dem waan fi f**k mi to
Nuff a dem wish a fi mi climb up pon dem pinnickle
True yo meck a bag a talk round dem seh mi thing likkle

Well some gyal si mi life and waan fi live it to
But anywhere dem si the c**key dem a si mi to
If dem a f**k you it nuh matter
Mi have the good property fi hold you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi pu**y never kill nobody no
True mi cyaa manage you yo seh
If yo give weh the pu**y mi damage you
Wonder weh dem yah gyal yah have wid yo
Meck dem want yo c–key suh
When yo beat the thing mi call yo daddy suh
Even mi sister dem seh f**k wid yo
A yesterday dem seh dem si a new gyal wid yo
Dem call yo name pon every gyal in a the planet
God damn if mi nuh listen naw left yo

(Repeat Chorus)

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