Shawn Storm – Tanbad Lyrics

First thing baby yo pu**y grab mi
And da f**k deh have mi
A chat to mi self like seh yuh mad mi
Till mi woman a mi yard waan stab mi
Jah know..and seh condy
Yo wining value 30 manly
Sidung, sidung now Brandy
Up in a yo belly, belly gyal
C–key play dandy shandy

Mi love nuff girls and mi nah stop bad
Too much gyal a road pass fi mi standard
In a mini skirt seh shi waan baghdad
Mi baby mother a seh mi too tan bad

Wa Sivva seh? Mi stop a ligami
He no try figure mi
Good pu**y gyal wine fi mi Hilary
Lone fi bigami, Tiffany a Ligamy
Goof pu**y gyal wine pon dicary

(Verse 1)
Thirdly, shi tek it anywhere
And shi worthy, her body no fluxy
It sturdy, it no rev out, rev out like curby
Suh sit down in a saddle fi the dirdy
Yo pum, pum, squeeze till it hurt mi
Worst when time shi get dirty
If mi woman ever catch yo yuh dead
But trust mi yo worth it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Next door a new gyal move in fi a next tour
Mi catty seh here comes a next hoe
Mi laugh cause mi know it’s a next score
Then mi introduce mi self

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)