Demarco – More Money Lyrics

(Verse 1)
A nuff a dem no loyal a long time mi know
Friend in front yo face behind a wrong vibes a show
Selassie know hurt mi how mankind a grow
But mi mother seh no trust dem from long time ago
Bwoy a class yuh as pu**y when yo no sponsor him no doe
Badmind waan yo dead when yo light shine a grow
But that inspired mi fi write
Gimmi a mic, find a flow
Meck dem watch wi like a movie this a the right type a show

ALl who seh mi fi dead tell dem seh mi hear
Tell dem gwaan wait, grab a seat, hold a chair
Nuff a unu negativity fi disappear
Mi swear more money paw mi money fi this year
Mi waan mi fi pop down fi sit down a jeer
Zoog straight money paw mi money fi this year
Tell dem dem negativity naw put dem no where
Straight money paw mi money fi this year
A no your clothe alone fi expensive an dear
Straight money paw wi money fi this year
Mi a talk from mi heart mi a tell yuh sincere
A straight money paw mi money fi this year

(Verse 2)
Mi could never badmind, yeh mi help mi friend dem
The one dem wa true even the one dem wa pretend
Still give a lending hand caw it’s a blessing at the end
Plus mi naw sell out mi a the type fi go defend
Ghetto youth stand up straight paw yo foot yo naw go bend
Six a one a thousand a the other
Couldn’t be ten
So meck dem gwaan mix up tell the whole a dem fi blend
Hear dem a call up fi mi name from how when

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)