Mariah Carey Lip Sync Fail At Jamaica Jazz & Blues [Full Video]

Mariah Carey drew a lot of fans to Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival 2015, but her performance was disappointing to say the least.

The pop mega star was caught lip syncing and it was an epic fail. Throughout her entire set you can hear the music but at times she just stop singing as if she even forget the words to her own songs.

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At times during her performance it seems that the 45-year-old singer just wanted the show to end or perhaps she drank some Jamaican rum before going on stage. She pretty much gave up on her performance.

Perhaps the best part of Mariah Carey’s performance was her golden microphone.

Mariah Carey was billed as the headline act for the 2015 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. A show where some big names in music have performance including Tony Braxton, Charlie Wilson, Joe, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and more.

This is Mariah’s first performance on a big stage in Jamaica.

At one point during her set while performing “We Belong Together” she walked off the stage during the middle of the song while the track that was playing in the background started to malfunction.

Watch Mariah Carey full performance at the 2015 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival below.


  1. Everybody has their time to shine and hers is over! She’s a legend now and she better choose taking a rest before she ruin the imahe she created por years!!!

  2. thats what they get for billing MeMe the annoying whale over Gladys-MeMe is just proving what a blow it epic fail she really is-Sony and Tommy use to polish it all up and wipe her azz and pay for chart position-without them she is not capable thought she was already in rehab, the looney bin or both by now

  3. The Vocal trinity.. Whitney, Mariah and Céline.. Who still got the voice?

  4. She was good but wasn’t a great performance. Even the greatest lose their voice sometimes because they rehearse too much and just wake up with infection or sometimes months and weeks pass before they get back up to par with their old selves. It use to happen to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston sometimes they are singing and their voice just wont come out sounding the same. We should’nt crucify her for it.