Alkaline Talks Not Clashing At Sting 2014, Tommy Lee Feud

Alkaline says it was pointless to clash at Sting 2014 because he is not in any beef with any other artist.

The Youngest and the Baddest deejay sat down for an interview with Winford Williams recently where he opened up about not performing at Sting 2014 and his infamous encounter with his nemesis Tommy Lee Sparta on a flight.

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“I had other engagements, I had a show on that day,” Alkaline said. “Yeah Sting is a hot show and the people did want to see me, but we had other engagements.

When asked if he was hiding from a clash, Alkaline said, “They can say what they want to say because remember they are just looking for a hype, they are just trying to lean on somebody’s career like me.

Alkaline also said he is not interested in clashing artists such as Gage and Tommy Lee because they are not on his level.

Alkaline also addressed that infamous encounter with Tommy Lee Sparta on a flight to Trinidad last year.

Watch the full interview below.


  1. I never use to like him before but I do like him now he is young and carefree that is his excuse. But gully bop a big old tough cow a go on like him no remember where him a come from.

    • He was been original back then wid his lyrical flow and content but for some reason he started to become a second rate version of someone else and not a first rate version of himself. I remembered listening to few songs from him and watching a couple of interviews even the one he did OnStage and was like this guy I like his flow and approach to music, I even told my brother in Canada about the guy’s lyrics and crazy flow my brother agreed with me. The song “With You” was a good song, at this time he was black and not bleaching but later down the line he deviated. Talented but just misguided!

  2. Pretty soon when I visit Jamaica the complexion on people will be lost with all this bleaching.

  3. This guy needs to get real! He is the self proclaimed “Youngest and baddest” yet he doesnt want to clash with other artistes at sting…SMH. These young ppl these days just cocky and full of talk.