Tommy Lee And Alkaline Side By Side Same Flight, Who Was Shaking

Tommy Lee and Alkaline have been taking shots at each other since last year but what went down when they both came face to face on the same flight.

Tommy Lee and Alkaline were on their way to a concert in Trinidad when both of them ended up on the same flight and sat side by side. I can only imagine how awkward that must have been.

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The “Spartan Soldier” deejay told his fans on Facebook that Alkaline was intimidated by him.

“In the plane now,” Tommy Lee wrote. “If the artiste sit down beside me intimidated 1 more time. Cover up and a tremble dem badness fraudulent.”

Tommy Lee and Alkaline on flight

Lee also posted a photo of Alkaline wearing a hoodie with his head down.

Do you think Alkaline was intimidated by Tommy Lee?