Alkaline Bleaching Before And After Photo Goes Viral

Alkaline is the latest dancehall artist to bleach his skin and he is feeling a lot of heat for it on social media.

The above photo collage of the dancehall deejay before and after has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

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One of the pic show Alkaline from his high school days at Ardenne High. The other photo is more recent showing Alkaline with a much lighter skin tone.

Alkaline and Vybz Kartel

Alkaline was the one to upload the high school photo to his Facebook page. “Me nuh know him dog,” he captioned the photo.

Share your comments on Alkaline bleaching is skin below.


  1. I think he look cute with his skin light but i would of bleached my skin i dont care if i was that black well i am but not a lot im the color he is now

  2. Liked him better dark.. Now he looks more like a Demon..

  3. These guys look HORRIFYING!!!! My theory is….if you’re ugly dark, then you won’t have much of a chance light either. Now…the first guy shown here, (much younger), looked very cute when he was dark, but he looks like an Alien light. First and foremost he didn’t need to lighten himself to that degree, he should have stopped when he was just maybe a medium to light brown. This is so sad.

  4. HE LOOKS LIKE A CARTOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What makes a man ashamed of being Black?

    • So because he happens to be black and man at that….he can’t be flawed? dwl

    • Now Zig do you get the point that I was trying to make on who here is Jamaican? Now I can’t tell if TheRealSage is Afro Caribbean or an African American.
      And for the people talking about skin bleaching being a trend I’m wondering if that’s the voice of a Jamaican.

      • Bleaching ones skin is nothing short of insanity. I don’t care if you’re from the island of Montreal, or the island of Montserrat…that chit is crazy. They had a advert in/on a bus in Toronto last week about skin bleaching cream. I don’t have to tell you that ad was quickly removed, now do I?

      • Damn you all over the Caribbean.dwl What do you know about Montserrat? dwl j/k I can’t speak about the bleaching because a. I don’t bleach and b. I have a complex.

      • I used to smash a gal from Davy Hill. She thought she was God’s gift to man. She changed her tune every time I grew horns and called her my b!tch tho…I had to fire her for tapping-out before I even broke a sweat. I can’t stand lazy women.
        You have a complex?! Really? All this time I just thought you were just complex. Now I’m dying to know all about your complex, salena. Don’t keep me in suspense, k?

      • I don’t subscribe to this light skin dark skin bs. I’m just like send me a white man period. I actually think by me doing this I am implying that neither is better.

      • You’re short-changing yourself salena. The color of a man’s skin is no guarantee on how you as a women will be treated. I know women have preferences like us men, but skin color does not make a man better or any worse.
        I love my Black women, but in all honesty; I will smash any race.

      • I know men have preferences like us women, but physicality doesn’t make someone better or worse. You see what I did there? Am I to believe that you would give an unattractive chick a call? I know people will naturally assume that I’m a self hating black woman and if reincarnated would walk the earth as a white woman.

      • Alkaline looks washed out.dwl He need to ask Kartel about what he used. I wonder if that cocky pink too.dwl

      • Yikes! Just the thought of putting bleaching cream on my cocky makes me cringe. Then, again…how funny would a nude picture of this fool be?


    • You really don’t know?

  6. Sorry Jamaica, your fore fathers made a black nation proud, and led the rest of the black world in discovering pride in the colour. Something even the US civil rights movement only caught onto later. But sorry, your new generation is nothing short of a disgrace to that great heritage. Led by Kartel who is treated as some sort of god, there is no pride coming outta the island except athletes today. So sad. I love dancehall, but sorry, it is bringing nothing but shame to blackness. Can’t imagine this is the land of Bob Marley & Marcus Garvey.

  7. Alkaline is an idiot . He better bring in Queens first time in the US .

  8. likkle wanabe dash him blackness. di bleacha bwoy try style kartel . hold yah head Kartel’

  9. yo a some serious bleaching that world boss is a real trend setter