Alkaline – Nuh Like People Lyrics

Today dem a yo friend fi life
Everything good, everything nice
Give dem 3 months time
The same friend dem give you a fight

Some loyal fi a year
Fi a box food, fi a cold beer
When dem cyaa get the beer
Dem true color start show clear

Mi nuh like people
No mi nuh like people
The dutty f–ker dem damn evil, evil, evil
Dem grudge yo fi yo f–king vehicle
S–k yo mother pu–y mi nuh need you

Tell you bout bloodclaat people
Dem evil, evil, evil

(Verse 1)
All when things sour than a lemon
Yo right hand should a never left hand
No dis up, that mi nuh deh pon
Loyalty a wa mi seh man

Come like mi a get soft yo nuh si man
Ever sorry fi people weh nuh sorry fi man
Mi go all out fi dem
And dem still turn round and dis man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wait deh, mi use to be yo general wa day yah
Mi a yo don, mi a yo boss just hear yah
Now wi drop off all of a sudden
Mi turn the biggest pu–y hole
And the biggest dirty ni**a
Mi hear seh you get new friend and thing now
And a seh dem a yo real, realest link yow
Mi give you 3 months time
This a the set up hit song weh you a go sing yow

(Repeat Chorus)