Gully Bop More Popular Than Vybz Kartel In Dancehall

Gully Bop popularity is still soaring making him now more popular than incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel.

From rags to fame in four weeks. That is the story of Gully Bop, also commonly known as Country Man, in dancehall circles.

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In November a video surfaced of an alleged madman freestyling. By the end of the month the video went viral online and by December Gully Bop was being booked for shows all across Jamaica.

For the last few years, even while behind bars, Vybz Kartel owned dancehall. The deejay, who hails from Portmore, rose to fame in the early 2000 and manages to developed a cult like following in dancehall globally over the last couple of years.

One popular producer told Urban Islandz that despite Vybz Kartel’s massive fan base, Gully Bop is the current ruler of dancehall.

“Vybz Kartel will go down in history as one of the greatest who ever do this,” the producer told us, while requesting to remain anonymous.

“Gully Bop is the fastest rising dancehall artist I’ve seen and I’ve been in the business longer than most artists. But we have to remember that social media play a big roll in his rise to fame. Right now everywhere in Jamaica it’s all about Gully Bop his story of from nothing to something in a month is inspiring,” he said.

Gully Bop and Sizzla

“Before Bop it was all about Vybz Kartel and his story is even bigger than Bop’s because he has been behind bars since 2011 and still manage to be the top artist in dancehall,” the producer added.

All across Jamaica and the diaspora are all talking about the Bop. There are also a lot of talks that Gully Bop’s popularity will fade quickly, but the deejay has only been growing more popular.

Shauna Chin and Gully Bop

“With the right people around him his popularity can be maintained for the long term and he can move on to become a relevant dancehall artist for the long haul,” the producer laments.

Gully Bop’s fiancée Shaun Chin is now managing the deejay and she has been doing a good job at pushing his career.

These days Gully Bop is fully booked with shows across Jamaica every week. The next step for the deejay is to take his brand overseas.


  1. any one wtite this just want to promte dem web site non sense

  2. No way in hell


  4. his story is interesting but honestly when he comes on thru my headphones while im on the bus I turn it down… it’s embarassing he sounds like a funny old man lmfao “every gyallll wah wuk offa me” that cant gwaan, but I’m not like attacking his accomplishments JUST SAYING when I BLAST vybz kartel on the bus im PROUDDDDDDD

    s/n I never turn him off completely, he’s still Jamaican so, and I have some respect
    but like “dung inna yuh throat and here kitty kitty songs” get turned off real quick.

  5. yeah ok. if anything for the meantime. I only know like 1 song. please, no one will ever be more popular than Kartel though…. so dream on.

  6. Uno ppl need fi read the article scrutinize it properly and get with the facts! A long time producer is making it clear that Gully Bop is the man right now though Vybz Kartel has a huge fan base! Its the guy’s story from rags to fame that is captivating many, the guy is truly an inspiration to many. I mean look where he came from it really shows you that all is never lost until you give up. The Most High a the one in control and Him alone knows the future. Do yo thing Gully Bop! Most High blessings and prosperity! Hurry come touch down a St. Vincent and the Grenadines! Vincy ppl rate you alot!

    • You missi lick your head wid a piece a cow cod. Yes I love rags to riches stories but so far gully bop is a punk all his interview them a diss people.

      • Even if so it doesnt negate the fact that he is most talked about right now and is making more $$$ than many who have been working so many years. It is what it is love or hate it, only Most High know how long the man a go last cause a The Most High run things. Mek we cyah be happy fi we own sometimes? Gully Bop soon touch down a foreign to collect US, pounds and Euro cause in yo own land yo ppl dem never rate you! Gully Bop soon touch down a St Vincent in March with Gage . You know the amount of ppl Kartel diss in interviews? Who coulda be more hype than kartel? See wha catch up to him? Think u untouchable making pompous ludicrous statements that he is “Dancehall” smh, he dead today or tomorrow Dancehall still going on cause its a fraternity not a one man thing. Some ppl need fi go bill and low Gully Bop.

  7. di man lyrics a ABC 123

  8. This is a joke no one Ja can match up to vybz kartel

  9. ah ya sun nice, big op di bop

  10. Who the hell wrote this article I am not a Vybz Kartel fan but how he can be more popular than Vybz Kartel that make no sense, there are people who still dont know gully bop. He is a dancehall gemic, someone that people laugh after. I refuse to believe he is the fastest rising dancehall artist because his tenor is short and other artist did it greater in shorter period. Example Mavado, his first song made it to international air waves gully bop havent so who ever post this need to review it.

    • lol yes the fact that you laugh at him and he is proving you wrong now a bun yuh..the gemic a turn star lol Mankind is just sh**..you thought he would just be a Sunday morning laugh and done…i believe he will be more successful than most artist both music and business…He Got you talking about him

      • ……Ahhhm who said i was laughing at him smh and who said it bun me sigh smh. I am not an artist or anything pertaining to music so why it would bun me Gully Bop making money or not doesnt affect me in any way. If he will make it musically i doubt he will make it in the business. The next point nope he doesnt got me talking about him, it visit urban islandz regular and they post something that isnt a facet of truth. But the last song I heard he sang was wuk affa me, so nope i am not talking about him.

      • You done know.

    • You couldn’t be anymore wrong gully bop is a big hit heree in the UK , is songs play on BBC 1 xtra and capital almost every day not to mention clubs I live in Oxford and dj have gully bop songs on reply

      • You have a point but I doubt he will last that long thats my opinion

      • Only Most High know that my youth, the extent of his longevity is not up to you or anyone else just wish the man blessings and prosperity. Life is funny you never know where you will be..today for me tomorrow for you

      • There is no point people bored and looking for one hit wonder men and that is what bop is. He is not Ninja man and here wappen look out fi buju banton because guess what. When him come out him gone larger than life so mek gully bop goway. From him get in a car accident an a diss the woman mi no rate him.

      • Put yo foot in the man shoe, the woman na get no rass license or insurance and driving an outdated vehicle SMfH. The man been real from he heart talking it like it is just expressing how he feels, what’s wrong with that. How Bop car going get fix now? Ppl act worse than this when accident happen even fight lucky Bop tek it easy still, everybody just on the man case like lawyer but more them fight the man stronger he get. Kartel disrespect so many ppl heck even ordered men to dish out a beatin on Gaza Kim, murdered somebody, Bounty beat woman wid hammer kick up box down woman and you ppl still rate these two to this day. You ppl are such hypocrites!

      • Thanks…

      • ok but international doe

    • lmfaoooooooooooooo right i’m dead

  11. Gullible bop…

    F is yall smokin tho!?????

  12. Anymore proof needed that Gully Bop will control dancehall for all of this year.

    • Right an 2016 to 2017 dash way dat, I told you he is ridiculous and a joke, not taking care of his mouth alone confirms it. Who wants to pay money to go see a man who has money but no teeth in his mouth singing? Gimme a damn break.

      • Arlight so if Bop drops some more hits.. What will you say? You don’t know how much riddim he will get on next to dominate the space.

      • He is not a good person period, I told you bout when him a diss the woman bout her car, bright me glad fi him but he should be humble and remember where him a come from.

      • The hype is only on camera, I saw the interview after the accident. I’m just talking music.

      • Ok, but he is still damn rude and out of order.

      • Some ppl need fi go bill and low the man! A fi him thing him a do u just need fi do your thing! THe man a eat nuff food and only Most High who put the man where he is knows how long he has. We need fi be happy for we own #LifeTooSweetFiWarWidPpl

  13. And Jamaica also has an ice hockey team this year