Ludacris – Throw Sum Mo Lyrics

Ain’t nothing to it, but you doing
Am all about that dumb sh*t
South side collage park
Ni**a you don’t run sh*t
My janitors map the floor
Be careful how you slipping
Never herd them boys was deep
But we don’t really give a f–k
See one a ma ni**as a fight two a yo ni**as
And then a bunch a yo ni**as is go draw

Got a bunch a gorillas
And drug dealers and killers
And none of these ni**as is ever go stop
I got enough about this plain disrespect
Is time to let a ni**a know
Lets tangle a ni**a from the top of the bucket
Better let a ni**a go

I teach you bout some manners
I teach you bout respect
I teach you about that gold chain
Hanging around your motherf–king neck
Jays watch, pinky ring I ain’t done
Pack up all your sh*t and head back to where you came from

Ni**a I ain’t the one
So miss me with that bull sh*t
Internet dumb tuggers empty out a full click
Time after time
Like am o take it up after I wake up
But rhyme after rhyme
Ludacris be the first in rapper just say go
I all about my paper
I couldn’t give a damn about a hater
Some of my ni**as from the cater
A ni**a stand up like sada for bata

You’ll really hurt my feelings
You’ll rally got to chill
I cry and wipe my tears wid hundred dollar bill
F–k you all am self made
I hustle hard, I been tril
From that Hollywood
But am hungry with that pin steel
Got hits way over your head
Yo ball in that in field
Got 10 houses unpayed for
Shorty ni**as play wisteel