Gully Bop – Beg A Gal [New Music]

While fans are waiting on Gully Bop to make a quick recovery from his surgery, the DJ is strong in studio recording new materials. The DJ recently released a new single entitled “Beg A Gal,” off the Quint Riddim, produced by Jah Wayne Records.

Beg a gyal a f–k, a gyal a tell mi come fah
Bout shi waan come f–k mi pon mi car bumper
Nicest f–k a pon the four car tire
Never tek a back shot pon the muffler
C–k it up and jack it up pon the blinker
C–key catch the gyal, the gyal bruk the spoiler
Two somersault tear off the wiper
And a bow seh shi come fi hotter f–k lata

Gully Bop – Beg A Gal Lyrics

Listen track below.


  1. Gully Bop is that what you came out of the sewer to sing garbage? You are a big man set an example for the other men. I mean I know Kartel and Shawn Storm them are no saints either, but come on you is a big man with a bag of kids which am sure some are girls yuck.

  2. Wow, this song fit for where GB used to be. He have no respect for women. JCAN women especially the young women in JA need to wake up and respect themselves, if you have self esteem problems get professional help…

  3. No teeth man so damn degrading I like kartel but this man come in like kartel love sing bout woman porky. We cant knock out him teeth dem cause him only have 2.

  4. This song is garbage