Lil Wayne – Selsun Blue Lyrics

Get rid of all the white lights selsun blue
Sorry for the white too
Am so sorry I feel terrible
Yea I know I keep on telling you

It’s all about the young f–king money
It’s a war in these streets I need a humvee
The AK47 that’s my trusty
Got some tricks up my sleeve I need some scuffling
Oh low, these ni**as soft, these ni**as fluffy
Another one bite the dusk till his gums bleed
Me with no money is like a bunny with no front teeth
F–k me, is f–k you if it’s f–k me
I hit the cush blow it out like a bunny
Where the haters? Point the out nice than roast beef
Stock a 100 dollar bill in the spongy
Oh law, come cause a kill never killers
Screaming f–k the other side
Shi ride the d–k, the d–k go kill her
Be a killer homicide oh law
Am sorry fo the wait ni**a
Am sorry for the mother god

Lay a ni**a down then you say that’s a lullaby
Wave you white flag all you want b*tch am coming by
Lick my lolly pop and get my gum inside
Miami in the winter carry in the summer time
My b*tches had the penny, she don’t ask me for a dine
Love it when we making love
Hate it when it’s f–king time
Disrespect the Caterpillar, ramp about the butterfly
Bullet ain’t got no name ni**a
But shoot it get it customize
Run up in your house undisguised while you look surprise
Mother f–kers better f–king hide
I feel like mister high
At least still getting jacked like they missing ties
Oh law, wondering why this beas in my house

I sting a b*tch and die anytime
Hate it when a f–king police shut the session down
We just talking, we just kidding, we just messing round
Tell a ni**as they be hating we ain’t messing round
They just barking, ni**as faking, they go settle down
We got b*tches, we got beer, we got Bobby Brown
Skating underneath the bridge there a body found
Do a trick over the body hope he smiling down
Do a trick over some steers where no solid ground
Grizzly cant get this b–ch
Check the crypt tape
Ni**a came on your b—-h oh milk shake
Chop a cocaine brick like a sensy
Break the great white down to a fish plate
Pockets don’t empty
Got the gate lock down like kem k
I’ve being sipping cotine since 10 k
I’ll be cursing while am busing
Die mother f–kers oh law

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. This was terrible. Whoever wrote these lyrics did a terrible job and needs to do this whole thing over