Bugle – Where Were You Lyrics

Where were you
When the road dem rocky
And the hill dem steep

Where were you
When mi couldn’t buy nothing though dem a sell cheap yea

Where were you
When a the last pair a shoes mi have paw mi feat yea

Where were you
When mi never have nuh bed
Suh a floor did a dweet

(Verse 1)
Notice nuff a dem love fi sell allot a yogue
Never si mi bed, dem nuh bother si mi no
In a yo own place man a chat in a yo face
And smile dem gone seh a time you a waist
But the greatest revenge a success
Dem red eye cyaa clear wid objects
All who use to say man a looser
Now unuh cyaa put a foot in a da shoes yah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Right now some a dem a the first fi seh you switch
And naw talk all a the bad dem wish
About though dem deh, deh, before you rich
Dem bat back but never prepare nuh pitch
Meck mi tell you bout the man me depend on
See you im know yo intention
Suh all the plot weh the whole a dem a plot
Mi nuh care, it better if dem go plat hair

(Repeat Chorus 2X)