Chris Brown Fears For His Life, Staying Out Of Clubs

Chris Brown is shaken by the recent club shooting that he was involved in that left five people nursing gunshot wounds.

The “Loyal” singer was performing at the San Jose nightclub early Sunday morning when gunshots rang out inside the club sending everyone into a panic.

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Chris Brown took cover backstage before he was escorted out by club security. Now the R&B singer is keeping a low profile and staying out of the clubs.

“No more performances at these low end clubs or clubs that lacks proper security,” a source told Urban Islandz.

“It was a scary situation and you just don’t know who is he target and this is the second time something like this is happening, so he is taking extra precaution,” the source added.

Chris Brown was not hurt in the melee but was visibly shaken. There are rumors that he could be a target in relation to some gang feud.